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Island Life

Defining the Florida Keys’ Lifestyle

How do you begin to describe the Florida Keys? Our tropical paradise is a community of islands, connected to one another by a series of 47 bridges. At the top of the Keys, nearest to the mainland, you'll find Key Largo. At the end, 106 miles southwest, is Key West, jutting out in the Atlantic Ocean a mere 90 miles from Cuba. The Keys were only sparsely populated until the early 20th Century. In 1905, railroad magnate Henry Flagler began building the extension of his Florida railroad south from Homestead to Key West, opening the Keys to tourism for the first time and changing forever the face of the Keys. His goal was to establish a rail link to his steamships that sailed between Key West and Havana, across the Straits of Florida. The railroad arrived in Key West in 1912 and remained a lifeline in the Keys until the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935 washed much of it away. Today, US Highway 1, locally known as the Overseas Highway, built over the railroad's old roadbeds and bridges, is still the lifeline of the Florida Keys.

As you travel down US 1, you'll see the Atlantic Ocean to your left, with its still-living coral reef. To your right, you'll find the Gulf of Mexico, or the backcountry as the locals call it. At a few points along the island chain, on the narrowest of islands, the only thing separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf is the Overseas Highway itself. The weather is ideally tropical. Wherever you make your year 'round residence, chances are the weather is better here in the Keys on any given day. This is true even on a Summer's day. At the peak of Summer, the average high is 89 degrees, with our surrounding waters offering cooling breezes. We've never hit 100 degrees - or 32 degrees. As for activities, there are plenty. Naturally, with the Gulf and the Ocean as our back yard, a lot of activities focus their attention on the water. The coral reef is famous for its abundance of marine life. Whether your pleasure is snorkeling or SCUBA diving, there are sites that are ideally suited for each.

Along with diving and snorkeling, the Keys’ waters offer some of the best sport fishing in the country. Numerous tournaments are offered all year throughout the Keys and attract anglers from all over the world. The Keys are also home to many talented artists, writers and actors, with specialized events for each. Art shows, literary tours and seminars and local theatre all play an important part in the cultural scene throughout the Keys.

All in all, the Florida Keys are a wonderful place to call home, be it your full-time residence or a part-time getaway from the rest of the world. Enjoy this collection of fine estates and homes offered here in the upper Florida Keys. Be sure to look closely at each one; who knows...one of them could be your next home!